PhxCA Update

Good News! We're lowering our rates for our youngest clients; children, aged 12 & under only cost $10 per treatment now. We can see kiddos as young as four (so long as they can sit in a chair and be quiet back there). Parental consent required.

Please, don't forget! PhxCA is a perfume-FREE zone. Help us maintain a safe environment for our allergic & sensitive clients by not wearing perfumes, body sprays, heavily scented lotions, soaps etc. ​

“…a notable instantaneous improvement after one session…” Xavier R.
“The atmosphere is so relaxing and there is such great energy here.” Tere S.
“I have chronic pain in my back and shoulders, and I absolutely noticed a difference.” Emily G.
“The treatments are 5-star excellent. Mayo is super sharp and intuitively knows what sort of needling plan you'll need.” Danielle S.